Massage Therapy Effectiveness in Rehabilitation on Humeral Shaft Fracture in a Child: A Case Study

  • Hélène Geoffroy-Legeay, BTSM, RMT Southern Institute of Technology
Keywords: child, humeral fracture, massage, rehabilitation


Objectives: This case report aimed to explore the process and outcomes of a seven-week massage therapy treatment on post-surgical intervention to reduce humeral shaft fracture.

Participant: An active 9-year-old girl who recently moved in the region and who underwent two surgeries following a humeral fracture with displacement after a fall at school.

Intervention: The treatment used various techniques such as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), myofascial release (MFR), therapeutic massage, and neuromuscular techniques (NMT) in conjunction with the physiotherapist rehabilitation programme to help the client recover both physically and emotionally from the trauma. Evaluation of the outcome measures (OM) took place throughout the study and after the four-week interim that followed the interven-tion period.

Results: The massage th erapy intervention indicated improvement regarding range of motion (ROM) and muscular strength. The clients’ progress using the Patient-Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) indicated a gradual evolution to reach almost a 95% gain, and the Upper Extremity Function Index (UEFI) also showed improvement in everyday activities with a 21.5% positive change. The Child Outcome Rating Scale (CORS) and subsequent Child Session Rating Scale (CSRS) monitored therapeutic progress and indicated improvement on biopsychosocial (BPS) aspects throughout the treatment.

Conclusion: The client felt strong and more confident after each massage in-tervention. A combination of techniques and the child’s empowerment positively affected the client’s overall wellness and confidence to return to activities.

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