Trends of Publication in the Education and Practice Sections of the IJTMB: A Call to Action

Keywords: Massage, Education, Publishing, Curriculum, Students, Marketing


The scope of the IJTMB include not only publishing scientific research studies, but also to publish education innovation and practice-oriented approaches for all allied health providers whose practice include manually applied therapeutic massage and bodywork. The aims of the Practice and Education sections of the journal are described in this editorial. The Education section covers topics including curriculum and competencies development, instructional design and delivery, instructional technology, distance learning, and testing/evaluative procedures for both initial education as well as continuing education. Planning, organization, marketing, and management of a successful practice, the incorporation of new scientific findings and methods into clinical practice, new clinical approaches to prevention and treatment of specific health conditions, and ethical issues are included in the Practice section. In an effort to increase publication within these sections we have put forth this call to action. We invite educators and practitioners to submit manuscripts discussing innovations in massage therapy education, how schools and students dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic, practitioners and clients adapted to the pandemic, investigations of the massage therapy profession and about massage therapists, as well as interesting case studies.

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Kennedy, DrPH, A. B. (2021). Trends of Publication in the Education and Practice Sections of the IJTMB: A Call to Action. International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, 14(2), 1–4.