Massage Therapy: A Person-Centred Approach to Chronic Pain

  • Richard Lebert, RMT Lambton College
  • Monica Noy, MSc, RMT Private Practice
  • Eric Purves, MSc, RMT Private Practice
  • Jacqueline Tibbett, PhD, LMT Private Practice
Keywords: person-centered care, massage therapy, complementary and integrative health, chronic pain, evidence-based healthcare


Person-centred care is an emergent movement within evidence-based medicine that has the potential to transform the health care system. Person-centred care is a collaborative approach in which health care professionals partner with patients to codesign and deliver personalized care with a focus on physical comfort, emotional well-being, and patient empowerment. By embracing person-centred care through two-way communication, patient engagement, and self-management strategies, massage therapists have the potential to further reduce suffering associated with chronic pain in our society.

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Lebert, RMT, R., Noy, MSc, RMT, M. ., Purves, MSc, RMT, E. ., & Tibbett, PhD, LMT, J. . (2022). Massage Therapy: A Person-Centred Approach to Chronic Pain. International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Research Education &Amp; Practice, 15(3), 27–34.