Advancing the Therapeutic Massage Research Agenda(s)

  • Antony Porcino, BSc, PhD, HSI UBC School of Nursing and BC Cancer Agency
Keywords: massage, research agenda, professional development, editorial


Therapeutic massage and bodywork (TMB) is now an established field of research with dedicated funding, researchers, and many venues and channels for dissemination of TMB research. Research agendas are a way for a profession to focus the development and funding of research on facets of TMB practice and education that are most needed at a given point of time to best move forward the practice and professionalization of TMB. Of the two TMB research agendas, one is currently being updated, the other is newly developed. Because of the impact on the development of the profession, gaps in research agendas also need to be carefully considered. Three areas that could use further consideration or support within the current agendas include education, methods and methodologies, and underlying assumptions. TMB researchers need to engage with and support the current agendas, and participate in their evolution.

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Porcino, BSc, PhD, HSI, A. (2013). Advancing the Therapeutic Massage Research Agenda(s). International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: Research, Education, &Amp; Practice, 6(3), 1–2.