Journal Aspirations: Improving Scientific Writing and Publication Through a Writing Mentorship Program

Ann Blair Kennedy, LMT, BCTMB, DrPH


Looking to help novice scientific writers improve their skills and enhance the likelihood of scientific publication, the IJTMB launched a writing mentorship program. Research indicates that when novice writers have a mentor and work on writing as a team, the authors can gain self-efficacy, manuscripts are improved, thoughts and writing are clarified, and differing perspectives are added. This editorial identifies the process for being recommended to use a writing mentor, discusses recommendations in the forming of a mentor/mentee relationship, describes the qualities of good mentors and mentees, and offers suggestions for improving writing for scientific publication. As our database of writing mentors grows, we encourage those who join this program both as mentors and as mentees to consider what it means to be in these roles and that the suggestions herein help in developing the relationships.


mentors, writing, publishing, program development

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International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
ISSN 1916-257X