The Effect of Massage Therapy Using Frangipani Aromatherapy Oil to Reduce the Childbirth Pain Intensity

Ni Gusti Kompiang Sriasih, SST, M.Kes, M. Choirul Hadi, SKM, M.Kes, Ni Nyoman Suindri, S.Si.T., M.Keb, Gusti Ayu Surati, M.Kes, Ni Made Dwi Mahayati, SST., M.Keb


Background: Pain during labor is one of the worst pains experienced by women. If the woman cannot adapt to it, it may lead to uncoordinated uterine contractions causing a long-complicated labor with the possibility of death of the mother and baby.

Purpose: The aim of the study is to observe the ef-fect of massage treatment using frangipani aroma-therapy oil to reduce the childbirth pain intensity.

Setting: Pembantu Dauh Puri Health Center Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Participants: Pregnant women in labor. Research Design: A quasi-experimental research design was used with pretreatment and posttreat-ment groups and a control. The respondents were 70 pregnant women in labor in Pembantu Dauh Puri Health Center Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Data were collected during scheduled observa-tion and were analyzed using the Mann-Whitney statistical test.

Intervention: The participants in the treatment group were massaged with frangipani aromather-apy oil by rubbing and pressing the hand palms to the back region at thoracic vertebrae 10, 11, 12 and lumbar 1 levels. The women in the control group were massaged with virgin coconut oil in the same manner as that done to the treatment group.

Main Outcome Measure: This study aimed to in-vestigate the potential of frangipani aromatherapy oil to be used as maternity care in helping pregnant women become more comfortable in the process of normal birthing, based on modified midwife examination form, which contain Numeric Rating Score (NRS), and interviews with the participants to measure the pain intensity.

Result: Before the massage treatment, most of the respondents experienced severe pain. While receiv-ing massage without aromatherapy, respondents mostly still experienced severe pain. However, after a massage treatment using frangipani oil aroma-therapy, most respondents experienced reduced pain. There was a statistically significant effect of massage treatment using frangipani aromatherapy oil on the childbirth pain intensity (p < .001).

Conclusion: In this study, massage treatment using frangipani oil aromatherapy decreased the childbirth pain intensity.


aromatherapy; frangipani aromatherapy oil; massage therapy; labor pain

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International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
ISSN 1916-257X