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Rainville, MD, James, New England Baptist Hospital
Rajamani, BHMS, MSc, Priyadarshini, Sports Performance Assessment Research Rehabilitation Counselling (SPARRC) Institute, Indian Institute of Sports Medicine
Ralston, MSLS, Rick, Ruth Lilly Medical Library
Reece, RN, BSN, Barbara (Findlay), Independent Consultant
Rejeh, PhD, MScN, BScN, Nahid, Shahed University
Resnick, MA, ATC, LMT, Portia B., University of Hawaii at Manoa
Rich, PhD, BCTMB, LMT, Grant
Rich, PhD, BCTMB, LMT, LSW, Grant J., Consulting Psychologist, Juneau
Rizek, BSc, MSc, MD, Philippe
Roberts, MA, CMT, Langdon, Center for Transformational Neurophysiology
Rodgers, CMT, Nancy, Mayo Clinic
Rodgers, CMT, Nancy J., Mayo Clinic
Rohe, MS, Benjamin, University of Delaware Department of Biological Sciences
Rosario, PT, PhD, Jose L., State University of Center-West (UNICENTRO)
Rose, MPA, Jeanmarie C., Case Western Reserve University
Rutherford, PhD, Helena J.V., Yale University

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