Celebrating 15 Years of the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Amanda Baskwill, RMT, PhD, Executive Editor/Editor-in-Chief, IJTMB
Loyalist College, Belleville, ON.

In this editorial, Executive Editor and Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Amanda Baskwill, celebrates 15 years of publications of the IJTMB.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the launch of the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Prior to that time, massage therapy educators, practitioners, researchers, and advocates debated over the years as to whether a journal that focused on massage therapy research was needed and if it was, what shape it would take. After much discussion, members of scientific and professional communities determined that there was sufficient interest and support to create an international massage therapy e-journal.(1) Thus, on August 20th, 2008, the first issue of the IJTMB was published ( https://ijtmb.org/index.php/ijtmb/issue/view/1 ).

From the beginning, the journal was created as a supportive environment for massage and bodywork research. As stated by our inaugural Executive Editor, Dr. Glenn M. Hymel, the Journal “strives to provide the massage/bodywork profession and related health science communities with a peer-reviewed scientific forum that is open access for its readership and contributing authors.”(2)

The Journal is a forum that empowers massage and bodywork researchers, practitioners, and educators to publish their research and innovations. There are two main ways we do this. First, it was important from the outset that the Journal be open access. With no fees to authors for publication and no fees to readers to access, there were no financial barriers to overcome to either publish or read research in the field. Second, we have a writing mentorship program to support contributors who have a great case, project, or innovation with which they need a little help to articulate. This program was established under the leadership of former Executive Editor and Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Ann Blair Kennedy.(3)

By the end of 2022, the IJTMB has had 477 submissions and has published 282 articles (see Table 1). We have received submissions from 37 countries (based on the location of the corresponding author), with the top five countries represented being the United States (214), Canada (88), India (33), Iran (24), and Brazil (13). In total, 453 authors are represented in the publication of 282 articles. The rates for submissions and publications reflect the developing massage and bodywork research that is being undertaken around the world.

Table 1 Editorial Activity Statistics 2008–2022


Of the published articles, the following represents the top five accessed (see Table 2). This ranking is determined by the number of times the article has been viewed on the IJTMB.org website.

Table 2 Top Five Accessed Articles


It is incredible to see the growth of the Journal over the years. The IJTMB has become, and will continue to develop as, a vehicle for dissemination across research, practice, and education for the massage and bodywork professions.

As we reflect on all we have achieved, I would like to take a moment to thank all those who willed this Journal into being, those who have had the courage to share their work, those who have tirelessly given their time and expertise to edit, review, and publish the Journal, and to those who make it all worthwhile by reading the Journal. Thank you to the founders, authors, editors, reviewers, readers, and staff who make this all possible.

One final note of thanks to the Massage Therapy Foundation and the Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of British Columbia. These two organizations, and the people who lead them, have seen the importance of sharing evidence, experiences, and scholarly work and committed to sponsoring this work. Their generosity ensures that the articles we publish can be accessed without financial barriers. This has been instrumental to our success.

I invite you to celebrate 15 exceptional years of the IJTMB by reading our current issues, revisiting some of your favourite articles or perhaps some that you previously didn’t have a chance to read, writing or submitting your own work, signing up to be a reviewer, and joining us on social media to share your experience of IJTMB over the years. We look forward to hearing how the IJTMB has been a part of your professional journey for the past 15 years and what you envision for the Journal in the years to come.


1 Hodgson P, Dryden T, Finch P, White M. Increasing research literacy and capacity in massage therapy: investigating the feasibility of a peer-reviewed international, electronic massage therapy journal. J Complement Integrat Med. 2008;5(1).

2 Hymel G. From the Executive Editor’s perspective.... Int J Ther Massage Bodywk. 2008;1(1):1–2.

3 Kennedy AB. Launching of IJTMB Writing Mentorship Program. Int J Ther Massage Bodywk. 2017;10(1):1–2.

Corresponding author: Amanda Baskwill, RMT, PhD, Loyalist College, School of Health, Human and Justice Studies, 376 Wallbridge Loyalist Rd, Belleville, ON K8N 5B9, E-mail:ExecEditor@IJTMB.org

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